Release of ‘Get Total Records Count Solution’ Dynamics 365 Solution

Although I created this some time ago in order to get an accurate count of important records in our system it’s taken me some time to tidy it up and get it ready for release to the public.

The project and all source code are available on GitHub, feel free to use it in any manner you see fit, however, I’d appreciate being credited and hearing about whatever you do with it.

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Dynamics – ‘First Response By’ & ‘Resolve By’ not being Populated

I’ve seen quite a few people asking why the ‘First Response By’ and ‘Resolve By’ fields found on the cases CRM forms and within the Engagement Hub aren’t populated. I’ve seen people often assume this is a bug however that’s not the case.

Below I’ll go through a few reasons why these may not be getting filled in.

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Dynamics – How to Setup Plugin Tracing in Custom Workflow Steps C#

This is likely a side-effect of me being rather new to coding in C# and coding CRM solutions however I came across an issue in that I needed to create some tracing on a plugin however I couldn’t add it as a parameter of the Execute function.

I’ll cover two ways to enable tracing within a custom plugin, the standard way which everyone suggests and a workaround which I used –

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Dynamics – C# Input/Output Parameters Cheat Sheet

I’ve been doing some work on expanding Dynamics in order to create a solution capable of scheduling automatic reporting to email addresses recently (a very interesting subject) and found it difficult to find a complete list of input parameters for use in my custom workflow step.

Below I’ve included all the examples I’ve found –

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Dynamics – Can’t Modify Static Marketing List Converted from Dynamic List

I’ve been doing some work with marketing lists today and came across a confusing issue.

After converting a dynamic list to a static list so that one of our marketing users could selectively remove contacts for a marketing email, we realised we couldn’t use the ‘Manage Members’ functionality as it simply froze when processing any sort of query against members. After some head scratching we figured out why.

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Dynamics 365 – Key not valid for use in specified state – Event 1309

This error will display in one of several ways depending on what you are trying to access, it can display as a generic “An error occurred” error to users upon login or it can display as something similar to the image below if you happen to have DevErrors enabled –


ID1073: A CryptographicException occurred when attempting to decrypt the cookie using the ProtectedData API (see inner exception for details). If you are using IIS 7.5, this could be due to the loadUserProfile setting on the Application Pool being set to false.


It will also display as a Warning event with ID 1309 in the Event Viewer on the CRM server.

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