Dynamics – ‘First Response By’ & ‘Resolve By’ not being Populated

I’ve seen quite a few people asking why the ‘First Response By’ and ‘Resolve By’ fields found on the cases CRM forms and within the Engagement Hub aren’t populated. I’ve seen people often assume this is a bug however that’s not the case.

Below I’ll go through a few reasons why these may not be getting filled in.

Enhanced SLA’s

If your organisation is using the ‘Enhanced’ SLA’s (and you really should be) then these fields won’t be filled in, instead the SLA will populate the dynamic ‘first response in’ and ‘Resolve in’ fields as shown below –


Standard SLA’s

At least one SLA must be set to active for these fields to be filled. Ensure that you’ve activated your SLA  and that a SLA is set as the default.

Once done you should start to see the fields being populated –



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