AZ-100/AZ-103 Study Notes

Hey everyone,

I’m currently creating a full study guide to AZ-100 as I prepare to take the exam shortly, this will also apply to the brand new AZ-103 exam which will replace AZ-100 as of May the 1st.

Hopefully this will be of use to some of you and if you make your way through them quickly I’m happy to release the rest that are unpublished at the moment straight away at request.

Start of a new blog – Sysadmin Central

I’ve recently started to write for a new blog called ‘Sysadmin Central’ which will contain articles about various subjects I find particularly interesting. I plan to keep this one running as long as possible and hope to add more to it as I cover more elements of either SharePoint or CRM.

But for now, please check out my new blog, I’ll be covering a few topics over the coming weeks such as properly removing Panda antivirus, getting a Raspberry PI to run at 4k, various PowerShell scripts and study notes around the latest Azure exams.

SharePoint 2013: How to Fix Central Administration Taking Forever to Load

For quite some time now it would take several minutes for our Central Admin to load up once opened, I decided to spend a bit of time and see what I could find to improve it.

Turned out the fix was very simple if a tad confusing as it was supposedly fixed during a cumulative update to SharePoint in August of 2012 (not that it should matter in this case)

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How to Create a Dynamics CRM Solution – Emailing Individual Team Members in CRM

This is going to be a rather complex technical article covering how to create the custom workflow step required to email all individual users in a team. This is useful for support desks or situations where you can’t or don’t want to directly email the team.

I’ll try my best to simplify this topic enough so that an individual with little to no prior experience should be able to follow it, however, if you just need to implement the functionality quickly and don’t mind paying for it I believe there are some companies or solutions online which may do this.

If you’re just wanting the code itself then check out my GitHub project –

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SharePoint 2013 – PowerShell Script to Move all Documents Between Libraries

I recently had a requirement to move all the contents of a document library to another library and anybody that has had the displeasure of having to move files in SharePoint knows what a pain that can be.

To make matters worse, due to the specific setup I was dealing with the ‘Content & Structure’ tool was a non-option as it wasn’t functioning correctly and there were a large number of nested folders in the source library. Luckily this gave me the chance to use one of my favourite power tools – PowerShell.

This article contains a script which will copy all contents of a single library to another library,  by using the built-in MoveTo command where possible so no data is lost or by copying if the source and target libraries are in different site collections.

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Dynamics 365 – FetchXML Throwing ‘Invalid XML.’ due to Special Characters

Today’s just a very short article that will hopefully serve as a reminder to myself and a help to others searching for how to resolve the ‘Invalid XML’ error that is generated by C# plugins and the likes utilising FetchXML for querying CRM data.

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