Release of ‘Get Total Records Count Solution’ Dynamics 365 Solution

Although I created this some time ago in order to get an accurate count of important records in our system it’s taken me some time to tidy it up and get it ready for release to the public.

The project and all source code are available on GitHub, feel free to use it in any manner you see fit, however, I’d appreciate being credited and hearing about whatever you do with it.



A Dynamics CRM Solutions which allows a user to get a count of all major record types or to specify which custom entities to get a count of


A compiled version of this solution may be found in Application/ManagedSolutions/.

  • v0.1 supports Dynamics CRM 2013, however, may have outstanding issues.
  • v1.0 supports Dynamics 2016 onwards and is the full released version with no known issues.


  1. Download whichever managed solution you need.
  2. Install in CRM as standard.
  3. Open the solution.
  4. Go to ‘Configuration’ in the left-hand navigation.
  5. Click either ‘Click Here to begin general Record Count’ or scroll down and enter a custom record to search on.

Building the Project

You will need to have knowledge of the following in order to build this project –

  • Dynamics Solution creation
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Providing you know all of these you should be able to piece together the solution. I won’t provide instructions however due to differences in different environments.


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