profileImgMy name is Shaun Wilkinson, and I have been a resident of the beautiful Isle of Skye, on Scotland’s west coast for several years now primarily working with a healthcare technology company called Sitekit who’s mission is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, assisted by joined-up digital services.

I am currently working to develop our internal systems including SharePoint 2013 as both an intranet and as a repository for QMS controlled documents primarily and CRM 2013 as a system that allows us to effectively manage sales, marketing and support, however I have hands-on experience with CRM 2011 & CRM 2016 and am currently in the process of researching CRM 2016 as a possible replacement for Kayako. I am currently in the process of expanding my list of Microsoft Certifications however so far I am certified in both CRM 2013 & CRM 2016 at the Microsoft Specialist level. I also serve in a System Administrator role within the company.

The aim of this blog is to share my experience with SharePoint & CRM and to hopefully both expand my own knowledge and to help those who either use these software offerings or those who wish to become Microsoft certified.


Feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaun-wilkinson-42743287/

6 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello tendmex, I’d my more than happy to cover any topics however if this is about SharePoint then wherever possible I would suggest you avoid folders entirely and try to implement a metadata framework so that documents can be correctly tagged and viewed as required.


    2. Hey tendmex, just so you know I’ve created a new article that’ll be published tomorrow morning about several reasons why you should avoid folders if possible. If you feel that you really need to use folders though I’d be happy to discuss it further with you.


      1. Hello Shaun,

        I want to change the path, to sharepoint:/[account name]/[project name] not sharepoint:/[enitieit name]/[project or account name]


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