SharePoint 2013: How to Fix Central Administration Taking Forever to Load

For quite some time now it would take several minutes for our Central Admin to load up once opened, I decided to spend a bit of time and see what I could find to improve it.

Turned out the fix was very simple if a tad confusing as it was supposedly fixed during a cumulative update to SharePoint in August of 2012 (not that it should matter in this case)

The Issue

The issue is caused by SharePoint looking for a group called IIS_WPG, first on the local machine and then within the same domain. It then most likely waits for a timeout period before it will finally connect you to the Central Admin.

This group is not required by SharePoint 2013 in any way and seems to be a legacy thing that’s not been removed properly.

The Fix

The fix is pretty straightforward –

  1. Access the SharePoint front-end server.
  2. Go to the windows menu or open ‘Run’ depending on your OS.
  3. Search or run ‘lusrmgr.msc’ to open the Local Users and Groups’ manager.
  4. Select Groups in the left-hand navigation.
  5. Right-Click Group then select ‘New Group…’
  6. test
  1. Name the new group ‘WSS_WPG’ then click Create.
  2. close the local user and group manager then try to load the Central Admin.
  3. All going well it should pop up quickly now.


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