Why you should avoid folders like the plague in SharePoint

In this article I hope to cover a few reasons why you should avoid using folders in SharePoint. In a perfect world there would never be a need for folders in SharePoint as every user would correctly tag up every document and the system would perfectly sort the documents into the correct area then display it to every user perfectly, however this is the real world and there are quite a few reasons you may want to or be forced to create folders.

My aim is to make you pause and consider if you really need to create that folder before you do though.

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Firefox no longer compatible with SharePoint 2013 after latest update (52)

A quick note for those who use Firefox as their default browser of choice, Firefox’s latest release (52.00) is no longer compatible with SharePoint. This is due to Firefox removing any support for addons not coded in Flash, the effect of this is that the Office plugins used primarily to create new documents in SharePoint is no longer able to run meaning you’ll run into errors if you try to create new documents using Firefox.

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SharePoint Calculated Column and Nested IF’s Limitation Cheat Sheet

I thought I would gather some information on the limitations of calculated columns and nested if statements in different SharePoint versions. This is just meant to act as a really basic limitations cheat sheet which I’ll update if I find out anything new.

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Fixing Broken Links in SharePoint – QIPoint Broken Link Manager Review & Guide

I recently had the fortune of QIPoints founder coming across my blog and commenting that his company offered a piece of software called the “SharePoint Essential Toolkit Broken Link Manager” which is an enterprise equivalent to Microsoft’s own free tool “Search Engine Optimization Toolkit” which I’ve covered before.

Although the plan originally was to review the trial version which as far as I could tell came with a few limitations based on the quantity of documents and sites searched, I was very kindly offered an enterprise copy to give an accurate review of the software’s features and with their new 2016 edition out I couldn’t pass up the chance.

This post will be both a quick review of the newest version for those of you looking for that and also a basic guide to using the software for those of you who have already purchased this product if there is anything I don’t cover in this post that you would be interested to see don’t hesitate to comment below.

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How to Stop CRM Adding the GUID to SharePoint Folder Names (Documents)

CRM has a very useful feature called Documents which allows you to link a CRM and SharePoint deployment in order to store customers documents in SharePoint however with the update to 2013 Microsoft decided that all folders will include not just the records name but that records GUID.

I had a request recently to stop CRM adding the GUID of account records to newly created SharePoint folders and it was surprisingly difficult to find any useful advice. Below I will cover the basic steps required to disable this ‘feature’.

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Sharing Access to Hidden Draft Documents in SharePoint 2013

Documents in libraries with draft item security enabled are version controlled and only allow access to draft versions if the user is either part of the approvers group or that user is the original author.

Outside of these specific instances a regular user cannot view drafts which can be an issue for users who have to review or view documents.

Currently the best solution we’ve found to this issue is to first grant Unique Permissions on the specific document, and then to specifically grant approval rights on users who will be part of the review process, once the process has finished unique permissions on the document can be revoked. This process is covered step-by-step below.

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Checking for Broken Links in SharePoint 2013

I have recently released a new article on removing broken links focused on enterprise users, although for small scale SharePoint deployments this tool may be enough for anything larger than a few users I would suggest reading up on QIpoints excellent Broken Link Manager.

It’s a worthwhile investment to spend some time every once in a while making sure that within SharePoint, links that users may have added are not becoming broken as broken links can cause issues such as users no longer being able to find important information, navigation breaking down and images not appearing as they should. Not to mention the strong affect it has on user experience. In isolation these things may not cause too big of an issue but together they could spell doom for your SharePoint deployment.

The Search Engine Optimization Toolkit is a Microsoft product which can be downloaded here for free which allows you to check links for any website, but it also works very well within SharePoint.

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