SharePoint 2013 – PowerShell Script to Move all Documents Between Libraries

I recently had a requirement to move all the contents of a document library to another library and anybody that has had the displeasure of having to move files in SharePoint knows what a pain that can be.

To make matters worse, due to the specific setup I was dealing with the ‘Content & Structure’ tool was a non-option as it wasn’t functioning correctly and there were a large number of nested folders in the source library. Luckily this gave me the chance to use one of my favourite power tools – PowerShell.

This article contains a script which will copy all contents of a single library to another library,  by using the built-in MoveTo command where possible so no data is lost or by copying if the source and target libraries are in different site collections.

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SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 – Workflows Failing with ‘Failed to Start’ Error

We recently updated our SharePoint instance with the latest update and realised that suddenly all of our workflows were starting to throw a ‘Failed to Start’ status, which upon further investigation, it was found that we were seeing the following error in the SharePoint ULS Logs –

Type System.CodeDom.CodeBinaryOperatorExpression is not marked as authorized in the application configuration file.

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SharePoint/Project Server 2013 – How to Archive Completed Projects

This article will cover segregating projects by status so that it is easy to only see active projects or completed projects etc, although I will cover creating fields and views which will be useful to some. I would like to thank Andre’s Microsoft ECM Blog and specifically, the ‘Archiving completed projects in Project Server 2010 or 2013’ post which covered these steps.

If you’ve found this article then you will likely need to follow the first three sections below to get everything set up as required. Once that’s done though you may use the last section – “Archiving Projects” to archive future projects.

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SharePoint – Update-SPProfilePhotoStore UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException Error

SharePoint’s method for updating user profile pictures can’t exactly be classed as the most straightforward process and I’ve seen a few issues with it over time.

In this article, I will cover the UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException error and how to resolve it.

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SharePoint 2013 – Contributor Doesn’t have Access to Add Scriptable Web parts

You would normally expect a user with Contribute access to be able to add web parts to pages and the likes in SharePoint but this isn’t always the case depending on your current security settings in the SharePoint Central Admin.

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SharePoint 2013 – How to Automatically Remove Disabled Active Directory Users

I’ve recently had a requirement to remove disabled Active Directory users from our SharePoint deployment so that organograms and the likes are correct. As part of this, I’ve been looking at the options available in SharePoint and stumbled upon a method that should automatically maintain our SharePoint deployment.

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SharePoint: “HTTP 400 Bad Request (Request header too long)” Error Fix

I recently came across this issue on our internal SharePoint deployment and tried a few things to fix it without success. Initially, I thought it may be to do with the sheer quantity of Active Directory groups I was a member of, however after reducing the number of groups I was a part of there didn’t appear to be any change in the issue.

After looking around and attempting a few fixes I finally came across why the issue occurs and how to fix it. I’ll cover all of this in this article.

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