Quick Guide to Sending Mail Through CRM 2013

This post should act as a ‘quick guide’ to sending mail through CRM using the Quick Campaign feature, this isn’t meant to be a detailed walkthrough, its use is to make sure that users can quickly remember the steps required to send out a mass mailer through CRM alone.

  1. First make sure that a Marketing List with the contacts/accounts you want to mail either exists or that you create one, otherwise access the view of contacts/accounts you wish to email.
  2. Select the marketing list/contacts that you plan to email.
  3. Now create a quick campaign by going to the ellipses menu in the command bar and selecting Quick Campaign then the relevant option.
  4. Either option should make the quick campaign wizard appear which will guide you through the process of sending out a mailshot.
  5. Be sure that E-mail is selected as the Activity Type, this tells CRM you want it to send out an email activity to all selected records.
  6. Default values for ‘Select who will own these new activities’ and ‘Select whether email activities should be closed’ can be left as is for most cases.
  7. You will be given an option to use a template or to create your own email, writing your own email can be an easy and quick way to get an email sent out however if sending out a survey you will want to select ‘Use Template’.
  8. Once you have selected a template or written your email click Next and the email will be sent out to everyone you selected or to all members of the marketing list providing they accept communications.

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