Loading and Using Required Form Libraries Programmatically – JavaScript CRM 2013

Something I had quite a bit of trouble figuring out when I set out to make my own CRM solution is ‘how do I use required form libraries without manually adding them to each form?’  or to put it another way ‘is there any way to programmatically load web resources?’ and the answer is “by using the code below” and “yes”.

Before I continue I would like to give credit to Inogic from the Dynamics Community for providing the code I originally used.

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Useful CRM 2013 Tools

As a CRM administrator I’m all for saving as much time as possible, and as such over the years I’ve collected a small assortment of tools that I use on a daily basis that make working with CRM that much quicker and easier. Below I have included a list of my favourite programs and CRM solutions to tackle every day challenges.

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How to Easily modify HTML & CSS in Dynamics 2013 Email Templates

Dynamics 2013 is known pretty well by this point for having one of the worst template designers of pretty much any CRM system and people aren’t wrong, it gives little to no options, no easy way to modify things and really it is quite a burden doing anything with it. However there is a solution for those of you that are remotely proficient in HTML and CSS.

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How To Change The Fields That CRM Searches

We’ve all been in the situation where you search for something,  you know it’s there and you probably know how to find it with a workaround of some sort but this really shouldn’t be required.

I had this very situation recently whereby for some reason CRM had decided it wasn’t going to search Full Names of contacts which as you can imagine had caused some headaches for users.

So today I’m going to go through the steps required to change what fields CRM uses to search for specific records, it’s a quick and easy change which can make the user experience a hundred times more efficient.

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How to View Marketing Communications in CRM

It’s often required that you can see marketing communications sent to marketing lists in CRM, when an email or any other type of activity is created through a marketing list then that activity is recorded in both the marketing list itself and every individual record within that marketing list. Continue reading “How to View Marketing Communications in CRM”

Quick Guide to Sending Mail Through CRM 2013

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How to Create a Categories/Tags Field in CRM (Multi-Select)

This is something I’ve been tinkering with for a while now, some method of categorising contacts, accounts and the likes. In my search for the best out of the box way to do this I came across this quite nice solution that just works. It uses custom entities and a sub-grid with no coding required, unlike some of the JavaScript solutions out there that may break after any update.

First we need to set up our custom entity and then we’ll set up a N:N relationship between the Contacts and our entity followed by displaying it all on the contacts form.

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