How to View Marketing Communications in CRM

It’s often required that you can see marketing communications sent to marketing lists in CRM, when an email or any other type of activity is created through a marketing list then that activity is recorded in both the marketing list itself and every individual record within that marketing list.

See Marketing Communications Sent to Marketing Lists

1. Click Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the top-left of CRM and select MARKETING which will sort the navigation menus by areas most used by marketing users.

2. Click MARKETING in the top-bar and then click MARKETING LISTS (If you’re using either a small screen or a low resolution you may need to scroll right in the menu to find this).

3. A list of all the marketing lists currently in CRM should now be listed on-screen, select the marketing list you’re interested in and click the title of it to open the list.

4.Once the Marketing List page has loaded fully the related items menu will appear in the top-bar, this is always displayed as the name of the current marketing list with a small drop down icon to the right, now click this to see the related items menu.

5. Depending on how the original action was created it should be found in either the CAMPAIGNS page or the QUICK CAMPAIGNS page. Depending on the activity you’re looking for you may have to change the currently selected view.

Viewing Marketing Communications Sent to Individual Records

1. Similar to above the activities can also be seen at an individual record level such as Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities, to see activities at this level access the record you are interested in and open the related items menu once the page has loaded then select either ACTIVITIES or CLOSED ACTIVITIES.

For most cases the majority of information on past marketing communications can be found in the CLOSED ACTIVITIES page.


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