Creating a HTML Email in CRM 2016

Unfortunately CRM 2016 has not seen the long-wished for update to it’s email editor, however not only is it still possible to use the method I covered in my last article on this topic it is also possible to use your favourite text editor to write the HTML and then simply pasting the code into the template editor directly. Continue reading “Creating a HTML Email in CRM 2016”


How To Change The Fields That CRM Searches

We’ve all been in the situation where you search for something,  you know it’s there and you probably know how to find it with a workaround of some sort but this really shouldn’t be required.

I had this very situation recently whereby for some reason CRM had decided it wasn’t going to search Full Names of contacts which as you can imagine had caused some headaches for users.

So today I’m going to go through the steps required to change what fields CRM uses to search for specific records, it’s a quick and easy change which can make the user experience a hundred times more efficient.

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Quick Guide to Sending Mail Through CRM 2013

This post should act as a ‘quick guide’ to sending mail through CRM using the Quick Campaign feature, this isn’t meant to be a detailed walkthrough, its use is to make sure that users can quickly remember the steps required to send out a mass mailer through CRM alone. Continue reading “Quick Guide to Sending Mail Through CRM 2013”

Duplicate Detection: Setting up Rules & Removing Duplicates

Now the Duplicate detection feature in CRM isn’t great, but it does work providing you know how to set up the correct filtering rules, in this quick guide I’ll walk you through setting up and then applying a set of Duplicate Detection rules on contacts and then how to actually run the Duplicate Detection followed by removing the duplicates.

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Quick Guide: Locating Missing SP Files

It’s very easy for a SharePoint user to lose a document in a library, either because they forgot to add metadata to it which meant the file is now suddenly not where they would expect in filtered views to simply forgetting to check the file in which means they can’t search for it. Keep reading for a few simple methods of locating a document in a library.

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How to Group Library View by Content Type

When creating library views in SharePoint you might have noticed that you can group by virtually any field available in a certain document plus a whole host of SP specific fields such as ‘Checked Out To’ yet for some reason you can’t group by the Content Type of a document, theirs no obvious reason I can see why this would be the case but luckily there is a pretty simple workaround!

To do this will require SharePoint Designer which can be freely downloaded on the Microsoft site here. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this modification will be lost if the view is modified afterwards within SharePoint.

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How to Create a ‘Related Items’ Column on a Custom List

There are two slightly different types of Related item columns one is what is called a ‘Lookup Column’, This allows you to link to any items from a particular location in the current subsite. The other option is a ‘Related Items’ column which allows you to link to almost any item in SharePoint however it does have a few significant drawbacks.

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