Quick Guide: Locating Missing SP Files

It’s very easy for a SharePoint user to lose a document in a library, either because they forgot to add metadata to it which meant the file is now suddenly not where they would expect in filtered views to simply forgetting to check the file in which means they can’t search for it. Keep reading for a few simple methods of locating a document in a library.

The Catch-All Modified/Created View

This one is quite an elegant solution that should mean so long as your users know how to switch views they will always locate that new elusive file they uploaded, this works well because it will even show up personal documents that have not been checked in, providing they are owned by the user looking.

Creating the view

1. Go to the library that you want this view to be accessible.

2. Open the LIBRARY tab then click Create View.

3. Either create a new view using the Standard View template or base it on an already existing view.

4. Change the view so it suits your needs whilst making sure that it is sorted by either ‘Modified’ or ‘Created’ depending on how you want it to function.

5. I would suggest not grouping files unless it’s required as it will make it more complicated to find the latest files.

Manage Files With No Checked In Version

This is a SharePoint feature that is available in all SP Libraries that allows someone to view all documents that are currently checked out, are checked out to that user, or files that have no checked in version. Providing you have the required permissions to take ownership of a document it will also give you the option to take ownership of a document with no checked in version so that it can be checked in then accessed within the library by anybody.

Accessing This Feature

1. To access this helpful feature go to the library you think may have files needing checked in.

2. Open the LIBRARY tab at the top-left of SP followed by clicking Library Settings at the right hand side.

3. Click ‘Manage files which have no checked in version’ which can be found under the Permissions and Management heading.

4. This will open a page that displays a list of all documents that might require being checked in.


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