Quick Tip: Creating a Task in any Task List from Anywhere

An action button that when clicked creates a new task in a predefined task list can easily be created by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the task list that the button will be linked to.
  2. Just above where the tasks display will be a link with the text “new task”, copy the link from this.
  3. Place the link on any page that you want to be able to create tasks from and upon clicking this it will take you to the create a task page for that specific task list.
  4. This link can then by styled if required or left as a plain link.



How to Add a ‘Go To Library’ Button on SharePoint 2013 Search Results

I’ve recently been working on some usability features for our SharePoint deployment, and I’ve come up with a few new things which I’ll be releasing in the next few days hopefully.

This is a small but helpful one, this feature can generally be found in the hover panel on search results, but I’ve been told that Mac’s in particular don’t like the hover panel so I decided to add one of the more helpful features located on it into the search results directly.

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