Dynamics 365 – Closing an Incident/Case Automatically Based on Status and Time Waiting

Today I’ll be demonstrating a simple method to close a case automatically if it remains in a specified Status for a certain length of time. This is particularly useful if you want to close cases if, for example, they haven’t had a reply from a customer within two weeks or similar.

To do this you will require the permissions to create workflows and fields on the case entity.

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Release of ‘GetGUID’ Custom Dynamics CRM C# Workflow Step

This small custom workflow step allows you to get the GUID of any record within a workflow whether built-in or a custom entity.

The project and all source code are available on GitHub, feel free to use it in any manner you see fit.

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Dynamics 365 – CRM Portals Entity Form Action Button Filter Criteria

I recently had a user requirement which required functionality that wouldn’t be possible using the CRM Portals built in ‘Case Reopen’ button which led me to recreating the functionality using a custom Workflow Action Button. Although that worked functionally it did have a problem.

I needed to filter the buttons visibility based on fields within the case record.

There is the ability to filter button visibility in Portals but there is no official documentation regarding the feature, which is called “Filter Criteria”.

In the article below I will cover how this actually works and how you can use it yourself.

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Dynamics 365 – Full List of Dynamics Portals Site Settings

It’s not easy finding an up-to-date list of the available site settings utilised by Dynamics Portals or at least I’ve not had much luck in finding one, so this is a first attempt at creating a list. If I’m missing any feel free to comment below and I’ll get them added in.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t lend itself very well to showing tables with a large quantity of information so I would suggest using your browsers search functionality if you’re looking for a specific setting.

And finally, I’m sure there are many more Site Settings that are supported but I’m yet to use them and can’t find a single reference point which lists all of the currently available values.

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Dynamics 365 – Web Portal Activities not Appearing in Cases

Hey All, today I’ll be going over another minor issue I came across whilst setting up a Dynamics 365 Self-Service Community Portal, although I have seen reports of this issue affecting all instances of the Dynamics portals.

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Dynamics 365 – The record could not be deleted because of an association

The record could not be deleted because of an association

The record cannot be deleted because it is associated with another record. If you contact support, please provide the tecnical details.

This is normally a horrible error message to come across and one I’ve been dealing with thanks to the Sample Data feature of CRM bugging out on me and leaving me with the job of removing everything myself.

Luckily the tools are there to sort this out in a logical manner.

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Dynamics 365 – Self-Service Customer Portal Initial Setup

This article will go over the initial setup for the ‘Self-Service Customer Portal’ available in Dynamics 365 Cloud. Although, most of the steps will apply to any of the available portal solutions.

I won’t go into detail about the licence requirements or about advanced customization of the portal as that’s a whole other topic in itself, however, if you’d like me to cover that in another article, comment below and request it.

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