Dynamics 365 – Web Portal Activities not Appearing in Cases

Hey All, today I’ll be going over another minor issue I came across whilst setting up a Dynamics 365 Self-Service Community Portal, although I have seen reports of this issue affecting all instances of the Dynamics portals.


  • Activites created in the Portal appear in the Portal correctly.
  • Any Activities created via Dynamics do not appear at all.

For example, the image below is showing a case with a comment and an attachment created by the user, but it’s not showing the initial email sent from the support desk to the user.


The Fix

The fix involves a small tweak to one of the Portal Site Settings in Dynamics. Which will force the portal to show related activities.

  1. Navigate to Portals > Site Settings.
  2. Locate the setting ‘CustomerSupport/DisplayAllUserActivitiesOnTimeline’.
  3. Set the value to ‘true’ if found, otherwise create the site setting ensuring you use the exact name above (case sensitive).
  4. Navigate to a case in the Portal and you should now see any related activities similar to below.




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