Dynamics 365 – The record could not be deleted because of an association

The record could not be deleted because of an association

The record cannot be deleted because it is associated with another record. If you contact support, please provide the tecnical details.

This is normally a horrible error message to come across and one I’ve been dealing with thanks to the Sample Data feature of CRM bugging out on me and leaving me with the job of removing everything myself.

Luckily the tools are there to sort this out in a logical manner.

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Dynamics 365 – Self-Service Customer Portal Initial Setup

This article will go over the initial setup for the ‘Self-Service Customer Portal’ available in Dynamics 365 Cloud. Although, most of the steps will apply to any of the available portal solutions.

I won’t go into detail about the licence requirements or about advanced customization of the portal as that’s a whole other topic in itself, however, if you’d like me to cover that in another article, comment below and request it.

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Dynamics 365 – Best New Features of the Spring 2018 Release

This post is a copy of Vicky Rogers great summary of some of the exciting new functionality we’ll be getting with the Spring update rolling out across the world at the moment. The original article can be found on LinkedIn.

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Dynamics 365 Finally Adds ‘Not In’ Queries!

For those of you who make use of Dynamics Advanced Find functionality, there is some good news.

With Dynamics 365’s 9.0 update Microsoft will be rolling out a ‘Not In’ query which will allow you to search for records which don’t contain a specific value. This is definitely a highly requested feature and something which should make a good quantity of queries a lot simpler.

More information can be found on Microsofts Dynamics 365 Help Center.

Dynamics 365 – Inline Editable Grid Views

A very overlooked (and I think it’s safe to say ‘underutilised’) piece of functionality in Dynamics is the ability to make lists for most entities inline editable, Ie. the ability to provide an ‘Excel-like’ experience for your users.

This can aid greatly in data entry and modification allowing users to work their way down a list updating records without the tedium of the opening, editing, saving, closing workflow most users have come to expect.

In this article, I am going to cover how to set up the Editable Grid View for accounts and list some of the limitations.

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Dynamics 365 – Populating Test Environments with Sample Data

An often overlooked feature of Dynamics CRM is the ability to quickly and efficiently add sample data and to remove said sample data once you’re happy with your setup, which is a great help to any form of testing.

In this short article, I’ll go over adding and removing Sample Data from your deployment.

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Dynamics 365 – Email ‘From’ Field Grayed Out/Locked/Read-Only

With new updates come’s new bugs and this one certainly caught us off guard when we realised that we could no longer set the ‘From’ field of emails in our Dynamics system. This article will go over the details of a workaround to this issue until the problem is resolved with a future update.

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SharePoint – Update-SPProfilePhotoStore UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException Error

SharePoint’s method for updating user profile pictures can’t exactly be classed as the most straightforward process and I’ve seen a few issues with it over time.

In this article, I will cover the UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException error and how to resolve it.

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SharePoint 2013 – Contributor Doesn’t have Access to Add Scriptable Web parts

You would normally expect a user with Contribute access to be able to add web parts to pages and the likes in SharePoint but this isn’t always the case depending on your current security settings in the SharePoint Central Admin.

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SharePoint 2013 – How to Automatically Remove Disabled Active Directory Users

I’ve recently had a requirement to remove disabled Active Directory users from our SharePoint deployment so that organograms and the likes are correct. As part of this, I’ve been looking at the options available in SharePoint and stumbled upon a method that should automatically maintain our SharePoint deployment.

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