Creating a HTML Email in CRM 2016

Unfortunately CRM 2016 has not seen the long-wished for update to it’s email editor, however not only is it still possible to use the method I covered in my last article on this topic it is also possible to use your favourite text editor to write the HTML and then simply pasting the code into the template editor directly. Continue reading “Creating a HTML Email in CRM 2016”

Quick Guide: Locating Missing SP Files

It’s very easy for a SharePoint user to lose a document in a library, either because they forgot to add metadata to it which meant the file is now suddenly not where they would expect in filtered views to simply forgetting to check the file in which means they can’t search for it. Keep reading for a few simple methods of locating a document in a library.

Continue reading “Quick Guide: Locating Missing SP Files”

Quick Tip: Creating a Task in any Task List from Anywhere

An action button that when clicked creates a new task in a predefined task list can easily be created by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the task list that the button will be linked to.
  2. Just above where the tasks display will be a link with the text “new task”, copy the link from this.
  3. Place the link on any page that you want to be able to create tasks from and upon clicking this it will take you to the create a task page for that specific task list.
  4. This link can then by styled if required or left as a plain link.