Firefox no longer compatible with SharePoint 2013 after latest update (52)

A quick note for those who use Firefox as their default browser of choice, Firefox’s latest release (52.00) is no longer compatible with SharePoint. This is due to Firefox removing any support for addons not coded in Flash, the effect of this is that the Office plugins used primarily to create new documents in SharePoint is no longer able to run meaning you’ll run into errors if you try to create new documents using Firefox.

These changes will also most likely affect other functionality in SharePoint and even possibly CRM however I’ll try to update this post with any further information I uncover.

Further Issues

For the moment your best option to use SharePoint is Internet Explorer 11 (feel free to release a groan at this point..)

UPDATE 12/04/2017

I’ve included a quote from “jscher2000” who is a Mozilla Support Contributor –

The regular release of Firefox 52 only allows one plugin, which is Flash. The Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox 52 will still run the Microsoft Office plugins and other old plugins. ESR was first developed to meet the needs of large organizations that wanted Firefox to change much more slowly. It gets security updates but no feature changes for about a year at a time.

More information on this change and ESR: Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work?

As a footnote to the above: When you get to the ESR installer list, you’ll notice two or three different downloads for Windows:

  • Windows installer is the standard version for Windows that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7-10
  • Windows 64-bit installer ONLY runs the Flash and Silverlight plugins, so that is not what you’re looking for. (If someone reading this only needs Silverlight and is considering switching to 64-bit, there may be some extra file cleanup to do on your system. See: How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox)


Image – “The Swoop” by  J. Albert Bowden II is licensed under CC BY 2.0


One thought on “Firefox no longer compatible with SharePoint 2013 after latest update (52)

  1. I experienced this same problem with SP 2013 and FF 52. But since then my company has updated to SharePoint Online and I’m on FF 62, and things are working fine again. I think it was the update to SharePoint Online when things started working again.

    According to this, running your own SharePoint 2016 still has issues with latest Firefox. Hopefully the features in SharePoint Online that make integration work well with Firefox will get into a future SharePoint 2016 or later if you need to run your own SharePoint.


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