How to Group Library View by Content Type

When creating library views in SharePoint you might have noticed that you can group by virtually any field available in a certain document plus a whole host of SP specific fields such as ‘Checked Out To’ yet for some reason you can’t group by the Content Type of a document, theirs no obvious reason I can see why this would be the case but luckily there is a pretty simple workaround!

To do this will require SharePoint Designer which can be freely downloaded on the Microsoft site here. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this modification will be lost if the view is modified afterwards within SharePoint.

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How to Create a Categories/Tags Field in CRM (Multi-Select)

This is something I’ve been tinkering with for a while now, some method of categorising contacts, accounts and the likes. In my search for the best out of the box way to do this I came across this quite nice solution that just works. It uses custom entities and a sub-grid with no coding required, unlike some of the JavaScript solutions out there that may break after any update.

First we need to set up our custom entity and then we’ll set up a N:N relationship between the Contacts and our entity followed by displaying it all on the contacts form.

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How to Create and Modify SharePoint Views

Rather than creating Folders, which can and generally will cause  issues in SharePoint, to organize your documents, it’s far more useful to create Views.

A View is simply a filtered and ordered listing of a Library. When you create a view you can store it either for general use, or for your own personal use (it’s tied to your username).

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