Fixing Broken Links in SharePoint – QIPoint Broken Link Manager Review & Guide

I recently had the fortune of QIPoints founder coming across my blog and commenting that his company offered a piece of software called the “SharePoint Essential Toolkit Broken Link Manager” which is an enterprise equivalent to Microsoft’s own free tool “Search Engine Optimization Toolkit” which I’ve covered before.

Although the plan originally was to review the trial version which as far as I could tell came with a few limitations based on the quantity of documents and sites searched, I was very kindly offered an enterprise copy to give an accurate review of the software’s features and with their new 2016 edition out I couldn’t pass up the chance.

This post will be both a quick review of the newest version for those of you looking for that and also a basic guide to using the software for those of you who have already purchased this product if there is anything I don’t cover in this post that you would be interested to see don’t hesitate to comment below.

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Useful CRM 2013 Tools

As a CRM administrator I’m all for saving as much time as possible, and as such over the years I’ve collected a small assortment of tools that I use on a daily basis that make working with CRM that much quicker and easier. Below I have included a list of my favourite programs and CRM solutions to tackle every day challenges.

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