Dynamics 365 – Closing an Incident/Case Automatically Based on Status and Time Waiting

Today I’ll be demonstrating a simple method to close a case automatically if it remains in a specified Status for a certain length of time. This is particularly useful if you want to close cases if, for example, they haven’t had a reply from a customer within two weeks or similar.

To do this you will require the permissions to create workflows and fields on the case entity.

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Case Management in CRM – MB2-714 Notes

I’m currently working towards my second Microsoft CRM exam and thought it would be a good practice to record my notes as I go along. Hopefully these prove valuable to others hoping to take MB2-714 CRM Customer Service exam.

This post is part of my MB2-714 exam series of articles and contains my notes relating to case management in CRM 2016 which is an important element of the MB2-714 exam for CRM.

This post covers the following required areas –

  • Work with the case list and views
  • Search for case records
  • Create a new case record
  • Understand fields on a default case form
  • Analyze business process flows
  • Convert activities to cases
  • Understand the case resolution process
  • Use case routing rules
  • Use case creation rules

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