Why doesn’t the ‘Local Facilities/Equipment’ view show local facilities/equipment?

I’m currently studying for my latest CRM exam and noticed an interesting issue with the default “Local Facilities/Equipment” view found when trying to assign resources for a service, it doesn’t necessarily show just local equipment!

If your company structure is similar to Sitekit’s, then a business unit isn’t limited to a single location. In our case a single business unit can contain users who are quite some distance apart and this is why I noticed this issue.

By default the ‘Local Facilities/Equipment’ view filters on the fact that the facility or equipment’s business unit is the same as the current user, and this is the issue.

Fixing the issue


I have modified the view to add the following filters –

  • Site
    • Users (Site)
      • User = Current User

What this is actually filtering is that the facilities site equals the current users site rather than just that the facilities business unit is equal to the current user.

Hopefully somebody finds this useful as it was definitely a confusing issue.


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