Dynamics 365 – Full List of Dynamics Portals Site Settings

It’s not easy finding an up-to-date list of the available site settings utilised by Dynamics Portals or at least I’ve not had much luck in finding one, so this is a first attempt at creating a list. If I’m missing any feel free to comment below and I’ll get them added in.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t lend itself very well to showing tables with a large quantity of information so I would suggest using your browsers search functionality if you’re looking for a specific setting.

And finally, I’m sure there are many more Site Settings that are supported but I’m yet to use them and can’t find a single reference point which lists all of the currently available values.

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Dynamics 365 – Self-Service Customer Portal Initial Setup

This article will go over the initial setup for the ‘Self-Service Customer Portal’ available in Dynamics 365 Cloud. Although, most of the steps will apply to any of the available portal solutions.

I won’t go into detail about the licence requirements or about advanced customization of the portal as that’s a whole other topic in itself, however, if you’d like me to cover that in another article, comment below and request it.

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