How to Group Library View by Content Type

When creating library views in SharePoint you might have noticed that you can group by virtually any field available in a certain document plus a whole host of SP specific fields such as ‘Checked Out To’ yet for some reason you can’t group by the Content Type of a document, theirs no obvious reason I can see why this would be the case but luckily there is a pretty simple workaround!

To do this will require SharePoint Designer which can be freely downloaded on the Microsoft site here. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this modification will be lost if the view is modified afterwards within SharePoint.

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How to Create a ‘Related Items’ Column on a Custom List

There are two slightly different types of Related item columns one is what is called a ‘Lookup Column’, This allows you to link to any items from a particular location in the current subsite. The other option is a ‘Related Items’ column which allows you to link to almost any item in SharePoint however it does have a few significant drawbacks.

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How to Add Document Templates (Content Types) to a Library

Document templates in SharePoint are a very important tool that can be the difference between a well organised intranet or a mess of documents containing different styles, metadata, content etc. So it’s important to know how to add document templates to libraries.
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How to Create and Modify SharePoint Views

Rather than creating Folders, which can and generally will cause  issues in SharePoint, to organize your documents, it’s far more useful to create Views.

A View is simply a filtered and ordered listing of a Library. When you create a view you can store it either for general use, or for your own personal use (it’s tied to your username).

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Creating a SharePoint Blog Through Word 2013

In this guide I’ll cover how to publish blog posts with Microsoft Word 2013 and SharePoint 2013. Now Microsoft Word has had blogging capabilities since 2007 and they’ve not changed too much in all those years but it is a powerful feature nonetheless and certainly worth covering.

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Quick Tip: Creating a Task in any Task List from Anywhere

An action button that when clicked creates a new task in a predefined task list can easily be created by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the task list that the button will be linked to.
  2. Just above where the tasks display will be a link with the text “new task”, copy the link from this.
  3. Place the link on any page that you want to be able to create tasks from and upon clicking this it will take you to the create a task page for that specific task list.
  4. This link can then by styled if required or left as a plain link.



How to Add a ‘Go To Library’ Button on SharePoint 2013 Search Results

I’ve recently been working on some usability features for our SharePoint deployment, and I’ve come up with a few new things which I’ll be releasing in the next few days hopefully.

This is a small but helpful one, this feature can generally be found in the hover panel on search results, but I’ve been told that Mac’s in particular don’t like the hover panel so I decided to add one of the more helpful features located on it into the search results directly.

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