SharePoint 2013 – How to Hide Taxonomy Columns

I was recently tasked with finding out how to hide the taxonomy catchall columns that appear when Content & Structure is used to move items into a list or library. These type of fields can’t be hidden using the normal SharePoint interface meaning our next best option is to use PowerShell.

I’ll cover how to use PowerShell to hide this column down below.

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Why you should avoid folders like the plague in SharePoint

In this article I hope to cover a few reasons why you should avoid using folders in SharePoint. In a perfect world there would never be a need for folders in SharePoint as every user would correctly tag up every document and the system would perfectly sort the documents into the correct area then display it to every user perfectly, however this is the real world and there are quite a few reasons you may want to or be forced to create folders.

My aim is to make you pause and consider if you really need to create that folder before you do though.

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