‘Copy Opportunity Line Items’ solutions now supports CRM 2016 and the new WebAPI

I’ve completely rewrote the solution to work with CRM 2016 and removed all external dependencies in the process, this does unfortunately mean that this solution no longer supports CRM 2013 however v1.2 is stable and works for CRM 2013 perfectly.

Update 1.3

  • This version and new versions will only be compatible with CRM 2016.
  • Updated solution to use the CRM 2016 WebApi version 8.0
  • Totally rewritten with the WebApi in mind (likely to rewrite sections in future, however it works)
  • Removed SDK.REST dependency
  • Removed JSON2 dependency
  • Removed limitVisibilityToOpportunity js file (replaced with XML in the Application Ribbon)
  • Solution no longer alerts the user upon clicking ‘Copy Items’ button
  • Solution will no longer replace price list unless required.
  • Solution will no longer display the ‘remove current items’ question unless there are current items.

The latest version can be found at https://github.com/ShaunWilkinson/CopyOpportunityProducts/

Release of ‘Copy Opportunity Line Items’ CRM 2013 Solution

I’ve released a small solution on CodePlex for CRM 2013 online and on-premise which adds a new command bar button to the opportunities entity which will allow you to perform a lookup of another opportunity and to copy the line items from that opportunity to the current one.

Copy Opportunity Line Items – Dynamics CRM Solution

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